Mintos statistics and facts

mintos statistics and facts

I’ve been investing on Mintos since 06/2017 and I’ve gathered some interesting Mintos statistics and facts, which might be interesting also for you. Either to enhance your knowledge about Mintos, or how P2P platforms work in general. Mintos (P2P platform) has reached EUR 1 billion in total loans financed through the marketplace at the beginning of September 2018. That makes it probably the biggest P2P platform nowadays.

Mintos statistics and facts about Czech investors

I am a small Czech investor so I was naturally curious, how big is the Czech investor community on Mintos. According to their customer support, there are almost 80 000 investors on Mintos in total, with about 5% of investors are Czechs. That means around 4 000 investors. The highest numbers of investors on Mintos, based on nationalities, are from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and Spain.

I was definitely expecting Germany to be in top 3, however I have to admit I was surprised by the high number of Spain investors on Mintos. The majority of investors invest to loans in EUR, followed by GEL, RUB and PLN. There are 121 500 available loans for investing on primary market, currently. However 114 000 of them are in EUR. That is almost 94% of all loans are in EUR. So basically, you have to invest in EUR loans, if you want to achieve some kind of diversification. This leads to another big topic, which is the average size of investment.

mintos diversification

Average investment & Diversification statistics

The account balance of an average investor on Mintos is €4 514. The minimum you can invest into one loan is €10, this means the avg amount of investments per investor is 450. Of course you can invest more in one loan and I would assume, that with this amount you can easily increase your investment to 15-20€ per loan. Even this should be enough of diversification. The charts above are from my own account. You can see how I try to balance my portfolio and which loan originators I prefer. I usually tend for loans with little bit higher yield (11-12%), however due to Road to Santiago, which I did this summer (900km of walking), I had to autoinvest into lower yield loans too.

Buyback guarantee

Unfortunately, there are no Mintos statistics and facts about buyback guarantee. Although, I really don’t see any reason, why should I invest into any loan, which doesn’t come with buyback guarantee. I only have 1 loan without buyback guarantee in my whole account. By mistake. There is really no benefit for investor to buy the loans without it. If you can see any benefit, please tell me in comments below. Needless to say, I had zero problems with this loan. The 31-year-old man is paying on time so far. Fingers crossed. mintos statistics

Let’s assume only Czech investors. There are 4 000 of them, each having €4 500 account on average. That makes roughly 450 millions CZK. The average annual yield is about 10%. Basically, the aggregate sum of all interests Czech investors made on Mintos is 45 milions CZK in one year. If this money would stay on a regular bank account the yield would be 1% at most (4,5m CZK). The difference is more than 40 millions CZK and every banker or financial advisor would like to get his share of this money. That is maybe the reason, why they claim, P2P lending is dangerous investment. Sure, there are some risks, but as you can see they can be very well-managed and diversified.

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How is Mintos doing their marketing

Let’s go back to the beginning of this article. Mintos has reached EUR 1 billion in total loans financed through the marketplace + there are 80 000 investors. Put into words, it’s huge P2P platform. So why don’t we see any Mintos commercials or ads?

The answer is simple. They are cutting their spending to minimum. The whole administrative costs (marketing, legal, IT, affiliate) of Mintos platform in 2017 were just slightly above €1 000 000. Which is impressive. So how did Mintos acquire 80 000 investors? Through word-of-mouth approach. It’s much more affective to encourage their already existing investors to spread the word about Mintos, than paying for big marketing campaigns. I am actively/passively investing on Mintos for a year and half now (you can read my older review of Mintos) and I can honestly recommend it to all my friends.

Personal experience? Priceless.

Mintos platform still has bonus of +1% for new investors from their invested capital in the first 3 months. You can use the referral link HERE (me, as a recommendatory will also get 1%). You can also register without the referral bonus, however it’s a pity not to use it, when Mintos offers it. Or if you found these Mintos statistics and facts helpful in any way and you would like to support this blog.

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