Mintos summary 2018 May

Mintos summary

Mintos summary – 2018 May

As I mentioned earlier in my April summary I was expecting higher returns in May. Mainly due to the high number of short-term loans which were 31-60 days delayed. I bought all of these with BuyBack Guarantee, so I wasn’t worried about it. For new investors, BuyBack Guarantee is the best thing about Mintos. When a loan delayed for 2 consecutive instalments, the loan originator buys it back from you for the full remaining price + the interest. So it’s very safe. Approximately 10% of all of my loans are bought back by Mintos originators every month, totally automatically. So the investor can be relaxed. This is totally the main thing, why I invest on Mintos. And so could you.

Mintos summary 2018 may


Return on investment

In May 2018 I have crossed the line of 100€ earned on Mintos. I am very happy about it, even though these aren’t the money that are going to save me, however they are decent already. May was I would say a typical month, with 1,14% p.m.

Otherwise not much has happened in May on Mintos. They extended the Mogo Campaign with Cashbacks, so you will earn up to +5% to all your investment to Mogo loans with maturity 12-60 months, which is still pretty nice. It can boost your ROI very much.

If you would like to know more about Cashback and other campaigns, how to boost your income on Mintos, contact me on Facebook – FreeMango

Year Month Account balance [€]  Investments Deposit Earnings [€] ROI p.a. [%] ROI p.m. [%]
2017 July 761.52 63 N/A N/A
2017 August 765.9 75 4.38 6.90 0.58
2017 September 774.62 78 8.72 13.66 1.14
2017 October 781.82 81 7.2 11.15 0.93
2017 November 791.02 82 9.2 14.12 1.18
2017 December 800.26 86 9.24 14.02 1.17
2018 January 1202.22 89 390.96 11 16.49 1.37
2018 February 1219.13 132 16.91 16.88 1.41
2018 March 1234.27 136 15.14 14.90 1.24
2018 April 1245.57 140 11.3 10.99 0.92
2018 May 1259.79 142 14.22 13.70 1.14

Next steps

I am still thinking about opening investor account on Crowd Estate. They probably won’t be as good as Mintos, but I don’t want to have all p2p investments in one platform. I am also thinking about Estate Guru, for the very same reasons as Crowd Estate. We will see:)

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