5 Steps for Easy Healthy and Nutritious breakfast for whole week

easy healthy nutritious breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of a day. It’s easy to say, but it’s harder to really have a good breakfast each day. I know it, sometimes I don’t feel like eating right away, sometimes I feel like having some cake or something similarly not that healthy. Exactly for these situations it’s perfect to have “easy healthy nutritious breakfast” prepared already. Human mind likes the easiest solution possible, so it’s natural you won’t have the will power to prepare this easy healthy nutritious breakfast every single morning. However, if you already have it prepared and you just grab it from the fridge, you will have no troubles eating right.

What is inside of the easy healthy nutritious breakfast

Each meal you eat should consist of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. I have been eating oats for breakfast since college, as it was one of the cheapest sources of great nutritious food. If you add any nuts and seeds, you will get great source of healthy fats. And if you are lacking proper amount of proteins, you can add a protein powder. Most of the people, who never used protein powder, are looking at it as it’s something bad, probably full of chemicals and not good for your body overall. The opposite is true. Most of the protein powders are completely made of natural staff and your body will benefit a lot of them. But adding protein isn’t mandatory and you can easily skip it. The recipe will still be great for you.


6x empty jar or a container

6×75 grams of oats

3x banana

6x table spoon of Chia seeds

6x table spoon of Golden Flax seeds

6×20 grams of protein powder – optional

any seasonal fruits – optional


This very simple trick helped with standard boring oats breakfast and I don’t have troubles having easy healthy nutritious breakfast or snack everyday.

5 steps to prepare easy healthy nutritious breakfast for the whole week

The magic of this recipe is that you can prepare/mix all the ingredients ahead and store them in your fridge. Then whenever you want to you can just take one of the jars, filled with easy healthy nutritious breakfast, add water or milk (try almond/soy for different taste) and give your body what it needs. What I personally like about this method, is that I can take the jar with me to work and have it as a snack anytime.

Step 1

Prepare your jars or container. I like to use jars, because they can be carried easily and they act like a nice bowl when you eat the oats from it. Nothing is set in stone, just do it how you like it.


Bulk breakfast tip trick 1: Ingredients

Step 2

Add the raw oats to the jars. I like to buy the oats (blue label) from Lidl supermarket, because they are already little bit “crushed” and easier to eat. Oats are the source of carbohydrates in easy healthy nutritious breakfast / snack, so there should be at least 50 grams of them. Personal hint: If you are 190+cm and 90+kg like me, 75-100 grams will suit you more.

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Bulk breakfast tip trick 2: Oats

Step 3

Add 1 table spoon of Chia and Flax seeds to the oats. I like to buy them in bulk, as they are surprisingly cheap. I buy 1kg of Chia (normal, RAW Chia is little bit more expensive) for 8€ so 1 table spoon costs like 0,05€ which is 35 cents per week. Even if chia seeds did only 50% of the things they say it does , it’s still fantastic. Pretty much the same goes for the Flax seeds. I like to buy Golden flax seeds over Brown flax seeds. The taste is much better and price is the same. But that might be just personal thing. They are also very nutritious and cheap.

Bulk breakfast tip trick 3: Nuts, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Cinammon

Step 4

The yummy part comes here. While Chia and Flax seeds don’t have any real taste, here you can and shall add some flavors. I like to add half banana to each jar. If you have any seasonal fruits or berries, you should definitely give it a try and experience a bit. Personal hint: I like blueberries and raspberries the most.

This will make your easy healthy nutritious breakfast also incredible yummy and I promise, you will be looking forward this meal.

Bulk breakfast tip trick 4: Add banan and fruits

Step 5

Last step is to add protein powder. If you are using any already, just give it a try. If not, ask some friend and they will help you with it. I use this protein (coffee flavor at the moment) and I am very happy with them. It’s a small company from Slovakia, with great price and great selection of products.

Bulk breakfast tip trick 5: Add protein powderNutritious facts

1 jar usually contains:

80g carbohydrates

40g proteins

15g fat

= great start of the day


What I do, is to make 6x jars at a time, put them to the fridge and eat 1-2 of them each day. This way I have a breakfast for the whole week (I eat something fun once a week too) or I have prepared snacks for the case I need to take it with me.

If you have some similar recipes, please share them in comments.

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