Mintos investing – Monthly summary February 2018

Mintos summary

Summary February 2018

Finally a monthly summary for February 2018, with a little delay. I’ve deposit almost 400€ to Mintos and bought new loans in January. These new loans didn’t bring any interests in January, however I could enjoy the first payments in February. As I’ve tried to diversificate my portfolio a bit more I choose 5 different loan originators I trust the most and divided new loans among them.

summary 2018 february

You can see my results in the table below. Mintos itself earned me another 16.91€ in February which I am quite happy about, because I spend close to no time with it. All my autoinvest rules are working as they should and once there is enough money to invest it reinvest automatically. Surprising number of loans were paid off prematurely in February, but I wouldn’t even noticed if it weren’t my exports at the end of the month. If I didn’t have autoinvest set up I would have missed on lot of interest the next month.

Year Month Account balance [€] Investments Deposit Earnings [€] ROI p.a. [%] ROI p.m. [%]
2017 July 761.52 63 N/A N/A
2017 August 765.9 75 4.38 6.90 0.58
2017 September 774.62 78 8.72 13.66 1.14
2017 October 781.82 81 7.2 11.15 0.93
2017 November 791.02 82 9.2 14.12 1.18
2017 December 800.26 86 9.24 14.02 1.17
2018 January 1202.22 89 390.96 11 16.49 1.37
2018 February 1219.13 132 16.91 16.88 1.41

Mintos promotions

Another great deal in January/February was the Cashback campaign. After you enrol to the campaign you get discount on the loans of specified maturity (the length of the investment). Part of my new deposit went directly to Mogo campaign where they offered 4% cashback when you invest in loans 48-59 months long. I know it seems quite long and I didn’t want to have money bond in loans for such long period of time. You can always sell them on secondary market (you can even put a 1-2% discount on them) and still make a profit almost immediately. And you can reinvest the money again. Plus it seems like Mintos and more importantly the investors like the cashback campaigns as there are already 2 new ones (Lendo and GetBucks). I see it as a good sign, Mintos is trying to expand more and promote new loan originators.

Return on investment – ROI

I’ve decided to include calculation of ROI into the table. I think it will be a valuable source of comparison when I will start investing on more platforms and in different sectors – Forex, stock, real estate and others. Even though my Mintos overview shows my Net Annual Return is 12,86% p.a. my ROI during February went up to almost 17% mainly because of the cashback I already got from the campaigns. You get the cashback 5-7 days after your investment directly into your account.

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As always I can just recommend sending money abroad (or to Mintos) via Transferwise, which still grants you a FREE transfer up to 500€ anywhere, if you use this link.

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