Investing summary 2019 August

Mintos summary

Investing summary 2019 August

August went by and I didn’t almost even notice. This is my late August report.

1) P2P Loans

A) Mintos summary

I updated my auto invest rules to favor loans from Aasa group more. Aasa was established in 2010, but joined Mintos later in 2017. Aasa focus mainly on Poland, Sweden and Finland and are looking to expand their business into other Europen countries. What I like about Aasa is they focus on more financially advanced countries, with decent interest rate and not crazy high ones 14% and above, trying to squeeze everything from the customers. I am on Mintos to make money, but I don’t want to feel bad about it.

I also stopped my autoinvest to accumulate 100€ to test Invest & Access functionality, introduced on Mintos in last weeks. It should give you access to your invested money immediately, instead of selling it on secondary market. I’ll let you know in next summary.

Weighted average interest rate: 11,19%
Weighted average remaining term: 14 months and 28 days


2019 August chart mintos

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B) Fast Invest summary

The reason why Fast Invest is so precise with the payments is their buyback guarantee. Usually the investor’s money are stuck on platform for 1-2 months, but Fast Invest waits only for 3 days and if the borrower still didn’t pay, you as an investor will get your money back. Howver, nobody knows, how their strategy will perform, once there are critical amount of delayed payments from borrowers and how big is Fast Invest’s buyback account.

Fast Invest summary

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2) P2P Real Estates – Crowdestate summary

Crowdestate project MilanI received regular payments from my active real estates loans and everything goes well. One project should finish next month, so that’s when I’ll start looking for another one. So fat, Crowdestate is really easy and stable way of investment. I start to like it more and more.

Buy P2P Real Estates

3) Cryptocurrency – trading in CZK on Coinmate

Bitcoin suffered another hit and fell from $10k to $8k. I took it as a discount price and slightly increased my amount of the most famous cryptocurrency. I still like Coinmate as the exchange the most, because they also support CZK and other fiat currencies.

Invest in Crypto in CZK/EUR safely

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