Investing summary 2019 July

Mintos summary

Investing summary 2019 July

Summer is in the full burn phase, so let’s have a look on summary of my investing portfolio and how it performed in July 2019. I didn’t enter any new platform or investment type, so this will be just update, without any additional investments going on. It’s summer, I personally prefer to play tenis and beach volleyball rather to analyse investments, when the sun is out:)


1) P2P Loans

A) Mintos summary

As usually, Mintos is performing very well. Even after 2 years of investing, I would still say it’s the most reliable platform right now. Even though my auto-invest rules took little bit longer time to invest. That was in the first 2/3 of July, now it seems fixed and whenever I log in, i see less than 10€ not invested on my account – which is good. Due to my updated Autoinvest rules from earlier in 2019, my Avg Interest rate is rising, while Avg remaining term is decreasing. It means that my money rolls quicker and I get paid more.

Weighted average interest rate: 11,36%
Weighted average remaining term: 15 months and 29 days


Mintos diversification July 2019

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B) Fast Invest summary

The same, what happened last month, happened also in July 2019. Fast Invest delivered 100% of the expected interest. All of my loans are Denmark based, so maybe Danish people are only super precise and accurate with their payments. At least I hope so.

Fast Invest July 2019 summary

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2) P2P Real Estates – Crowdestate summary

Crowdestate project MilanI had some free capital in Crowdestate so I invested into a new project Via Fiuggi 12, Milan – reconstruction of appartment to split it in 2 functional and separate units. The loan should last for 8 months yielding 12% p.a. Currently I am involved in 9 ongoing project on Crowdestate.

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3) Cryptocurrency – trading in CZK on Coinmate

Cryptocurrencies have experience pretty hectic month, dropping around 25-30%. I believe in the even more nowadays. Yes, they are very volatile. Yes, there are some of them which are surely a fraud. But on the other side, blockchain technology could be used in so many areas. From pure business, Internet of Things and all the way to healthcare. Once the ETFs on cryptocurrencies are allowed, and they might be even this year, then the whole market could boom. And more important, stabilize. So we could finally use the coins to actually buy things and not just stock pile them, like we do today. I still like Coinmate as the exchange the most, because they support CZK.

Change of top 5 crypto in July 2019

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