My TOP 5 Investing Platforms (2019)


The easiest way, how to start in online investing, is Peer-to-Peer crowdfunding. Typically, online investors are trying to set up a diversified portfolio, deposit money and wait for the passive income. It’s not that simple, but P2P investing is viable source of passive income. The earnings with well balanced portfolio can be around 10-15% per year (might be higher for Real Estates projects), which is significantly higher, than any saving account can achieve.   Even though Mintos seems to be a clear winner on the field of P2P investing platforms, don’t make the same mistake as many other new investors, and diversify your portfolio. These are possible the TOP 5 investing platforms in 2019, from which you can choose.

TOP 5 Investing Platforms – comparison

Mintos Fast Invest Crowdestate EstateGuru Grupeer
Founded 2015 2015 2015 2014 2016
Origin Latvia UK Estonia Estonia Latvia
Funded in mil. € 2327 13 67 117 35
Avg annual return 11,81% 12,5% 18,31% 12,11% 13,55%
Investors 139k 30k 32k 24k 10k
In countries 71 55 105 45 75
Min investment 10€ 1€ 100€ 50€ 10€
Buyback guarantee Yes Yes No No Yes
Autoinvest Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trustpilot Score 8.7 8,4 N/A 8,5 7,7



The king of P2P investing platforms and #1 on my TOP 5 Platforms in 2019 list. It has the highest amount invested in loans (over 2 billions €), mainly due to the fact, that it works more like a marketplace and offers loans from many loan originators. I am investing on Mintos since beginning of 2017 and it is steadily yearning me 11-12% per year. User can easily set up auto invest rules, which will automatically reinvest for you. You can filter by Loan originator, Interest, Term, LTV, Mintos rating and many other criteria making the auto invest extremely strong tool. The buyback guarantee is also working incredibly well, fully automatically. Once your loan is late for 2 months, Mintos will automatically refund your money (so you don’t lose any). If you are just starting investing with peer-to-peer platforms, I would say Mintos is the best and safest option, right now. More about setting your auto invest on Mintos here.

Fast Invest

This platform is based in United Kingdom, which is a great thing, when it comes to diversification. They offer loans from Spain, Denmark, Poland and United Kingdom. I choose to invest only in Denmark and UK (on Fast Invest), as these countries seems in better economical shape than Spain. The main thing which is different, is the minimum investment per loan. Fast Invest allows you to invest from as little as 1€ per each loan, which is incredible and let’s you diversify really easily. The good thing about Fast Invest is, they offer very high yield loans (14-16%), so it’s a great addition to your normal portfolio to improve your average return on investment. As usual, they also offer auto invest feature, even though it’s not as complex as for example on Mintos.


The highest yielding (18,31%) Real Estate platform in this list. This is the official average return across all investors, my Crowdestate portfolio is little bit less (12,6% – still great). The nice thing about Crowdestate is that investor gets the exposure to Real Estates projects, corporate finance and mortgages. These projects are usually much bigger than consumer loans, so also the minimum investment is higher (100€). They also offer auto invest, although to be honest, I don’t use it because of the following. The best thing I like about Crowdestate, is their project analyse, which can easily be used to evaluate each project individually. They are well structured, detailed and has a lot of insight information into the specification of the project. It contains Market research, Competitors in the location/field, SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), Key people involved in the project and Repayment schedule. 

Disclaimer: I invest on the 3 platforms above (Mintos, Fast Invest and Crowdestate) at the moment. However, I am thinking about investing on the other two platforms (EstateGuru and Grupeer). I heard positive feedback on both and I like their statistics. If you are investing there, please leave a comment down below.


I am highly considering to start investing on Grupeer in next weeks. The reason why, is that I want to extend my portfolio and with Grupeer, investor get access to multiple loan-originators (similar to Mintos). Grupeer offers loans mainly for development projects and business loans. Which to be honest, I like a bit more than short term consumer loans. Mainly because there is something material, that is backing up the loan. The platform contains all the main features marketplace like this should have – Autoinvest and Buyback Guarantee. The availability of higher yielding loans should be better than on Mintos, making it a great supplementary platform. Grupeer is smaller than some others platforms on this list, which could mean potential risk. Overall I think it’s worth and I will try to get some more feedback about this platform. If you have personal experience with Grupeer, please provide it in comments.

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The last platform on my list for 2019 is EstateGuru. This platform has been around since 2014, which makes it one of the oldest amongst similar platforms. I take this maturity as a good thing, showing that they can fulfill their promises to be reliable investing platform. The yield is supposed to be around 12%, which is an “industry average” for these platforms. EstateGuru is quite big, 118M Euro in funded projects and what is the best, these projects have average 58% Loan-to-value. Which is perfect, I like to invest into something real, that if any troubles, could be sold to gain money back. Minimum amount for investment in one loan is 50€, which is half of the amount needed compared to similar Crowdestate.


I am a long term investor and as such, stable profit is the highest priority for me. No one is getting rich over night, unfortunately. All these platforms from the TOP 5 Investing Platforms have a power to gain you significant value over time and not just in 2019. Earning 12% and more each year is great, compared to other sources. Saving accounts are worth almost nothing, Cryptocurrencies are too risky, Shares yield around 4-6%. Peer-to-peer lending platforms are somewhere in the middle. High yields 12-18% with low-moderate risk. I would suggest 500-1000€ as a starting point for building P2P portfolio. With this amount it will be easier to achieve a decent diversification.

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