January 2021 – Investing summary

Even though I haven’t post new Investing summary since August 2019 (!) I always had it in the back of my head, as something I would like to come back to. The whole last year seemed like a perfect occasion to do it, but honestly I don’t even know how fast the year flew by and here we are. New year -> new year resolutions -> new Investing summary.

Historically, main areas of my investing were P2P loans, ETFs and crypto and I plan on to continue investing in these areas and maybe expand a little.


If you went through any of my previous Investing summary posts, you already know, which P2P platform is my all time favorite. Mintos has been the king of the my P2P portfolio for last four years and I don’t feel any urge to change it. The other P2P platform I use is Crowdestate, which offers a way to invest into the European real estates.


Currently, Mintos counts up for 79% of my P2P portfolio. I have more than 400 active unique funded loans on Mintos and only 2 from defaulted loan originator. Those two investments were made way back when I started investing and I accidentally manually invested in 2 loans which didn’t include Buyback Obligation (formerly known as Buyback guarantee – read more on official blog).


Couple months ago Mintos has announced they are going to raise money for further development through crowdfunding. At first I was hesitant and thought I would not invest more money into Mintos, however the fear of missing out got me once I saw the imminent interest of others.

“We raised €1 million within 15 minutes of opening early access to our community. Just over two and a half hours later, we hit €3 million and eventually broke the record of the largest number of investors in a European (excl. the UK) campaign.” Source: Mintos blog

This just shows, how much the poeple want to invest. The fear of inflation rate is high and people are willing to invest their money. The drawback of the crowdfunding to me is the unclear exit strategy. I as an investor can’t exit the investment unless Mintos is bought by someone or decides to buyback our shares.

This was my very first crowdfunding investment. The platform or the provider of this was Crowdcube and I didn’t experience any problems or insufficient support/information from their side.


The rest rougly 21% of my P2P portfolio is invested in multiple real estates projects. I take similar approach as with Mintos to diversify the portfolio and invest mostly the minimal amount (100€ per project in this case). One of the project is already 90 days after it’s official due date, but the income from the rest of the investments have already more than overcome this potential loss. Even though the risk of loosing money on this one project has risen, I stay positive. The communication from Crowdestate side is good, all investors are getting the news at least once a month. Overall, I am still fan of this platform and will invest in additional open projects.


Nothing has changed, I still trust the shares in massive ETFs the most. It’s the most diversification I can get with the lowest fees. I dislike mutual funds a lot, mainly for their insane (hidden) fees but with ETFs the Total Expense Ratio (TER) are as low as 0,04%. My main ETFs are S&P500 and Clean Energy. The US shares were the first I invested in, but once I saw the David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet I realized, that I also need to support the companies which are trying to find a new way from the fossil fuels. Also their are doing pretty well on their own by financial point of view, so it’s hopefully a win-win.

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I still remember my dislike to cryptocurrency from the beginning. It was mainly because of the shear craziness they started, when everyone was talking about it and even people, who didn’t invest in anything were suddenly the biggest experts. The technology is great and I believe we will see and use blockchain all the time. I’ve re-started my standing orders and started to buy cryptos in static intervals. As you can probably imagine, I didn’t pick only Bitcoin as my sole investment in crypto. No, I decided to go with three currencies (BTC, ETH and XRP), because of diversification of course. So over couple of last months I am buying these three every single month on Coinmate.

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